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My birthday was yesterday and it was the b i g one, the big 3-0. I am fully expecting my thirties to be my best years yet! My twenties were good to me. They brought me my husband, lansing alayne, our pup, dash, a move back home, some fabulous trips, friends, and our sweet Beckett baby! I thought it would be fun to share a few of the completely over-the-top, frivolous things that are on my wish list! To be clear, I do not expect any of these impractical, fabulous items--this is purely wishful thinking!

Let the record show that my more attainable, real life wish list would likely include:

  1. A full night of sleep, without a certain baby crashing with us.
  2. A date night with my handsome hubby (BEARDLESS!). ;)
  3. A clean house. 
  4. A shopping day. (Let's be honest, I'll take strolling through target by myself)
  5. A girls night!

Now, for the fun stuff: 

{1} A Trip!

All I really want is to move to New York with my little family. I don't have to live there forever, but I just want Blake to be there long enough to truly understand my love for the city and for him to love it too. Since I don't think that's going to happen anytime soon, I'm always up for a trip to my favorite city!

The first time Blake and I went to New York together, he proposed in Central Park, and the last time we went we found out we were pregnant with Beckett. Why wouldn't I want those fabulous memories to continue?! Good things just happen there. I prefer to stay in the Meatpacking District, Tribeca, or SoHo, and I think it would be so fun to stay here, right on the high line. If you are more of an Uptown New Yorker, who hasn't dreamt of staying at The Plaza or The Palace?!

My other option for a trip would be an all-inclusive beach resort. We stayed here for our honeymoon, but I would love to go here or to these overwater bungalows (okay, okay, a little outrageous for a birthday trip, but it is on my ultimate wish list!). A beach vacay would be Blake's preference, and he wouldn't have to twist my arm too much!

*Blake just pointed out to me that what I'd really want is a condo or brownstone in NYC. That's true, & if I'm being frivolous, yes, let's go with that!

{2} Michelle Watch

This is not something that I need, but it sure is beautiful! Maybe one day?!

{3} Dockatot

I may be crazy from exhaustion, but might this product be the answer to my baby's horrible sleep habits lately? I've heard wonderful things, but haven't quite been able to justify the price tag for something that may or may not work for my little one. Has anyone used the grande for their 9 month or older babies? Will it be a game changer?!!

{4} Inslee Painting

It's no secret that I love my Inslee art. I've followed along with her since I was in college and she had a little online stationary shop. I love her neon nude paintings (particularly the pinks!) and I think her custom artwork is the most special gift! Blake commissioned Inslee to paint our proposal for the Christmas before we were married, and it is something I will cherish forever! On my list of things I want imortilized by Inslee is a wedding portrait of Blake and I and a painting of our little fam, with Beckett and Dasher! 

{5} Wrap Dress

Not crazy frivolous, but I have been on a search for a long, wrap dress with a short sleeve. For some reason in my head, this is going to be super flattering and make me look like I don't still have a post-baby bod!

{6} Barre Membership

Speaking of that post-baby bod, I'm dying to try either Barre III or Pure Barre regularly, it's such a good workout and I love the comparison to Ballet and pilates. 

{7} Shoes

Not outrageous, but I don't really need another pair of shoes right now. I love these for summer, and these would go with everything (I like them best in brown & in white)!

{8} Colour Intense Lipstick

This is one that I will likely gift myself! My mom has the color Date Night, which I love. I think I will try Garden Party first, but I love the classic Red as well!

{9} Le Creuset 

I looooove my Le Creuset dutch oven, and we just gifted my mom this Staub last Christmas. I wouldn't mind adding to my collection with something light & bright for spring & summer, I tend to leave these sitting out on my stove. 

{10} Cozy Blanket

I have been eying this blanket for the longest time! Just makes me want to curl up on the couch with Blake & Beckett & watch a good movie!

& that's a wrap! I had the best weekend with Blake & Beckett, hanging out downtown, enjoying the beautiful weather, & eating some delicious food! Here's to being thirty, flirty, & thriving!



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